Kolo Klub

Kolo_KlubIn spring of 2012, the Public House Collective team was approached about consulting on a new highly ambitious craft cocktail project scheduled to launch that summer in Hoboken, NJ. The proposition was to bring high-end, quality handcrafted cocktails, the caliber of which could be found in popular cocktail bars in Manhattan, to an increasingly discerning residential population in downtown Hoboken. Despite the concept seeming fairly straightforward, there had been nothing like it in that market to date.

The project would be called Kolo Klub (“kolo” meaning bicycle in Czech) and would be part of a mixed-use loft space located above the owners’ already successful biergarten, a cornerstone of the Hoboken drinking scene. Open only Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, Kolo Klub would be a new breed of cocktail experience for that area.

The Public House Team was tapped to create the cocktail menu from top to bottom spent weeks meeting with the owners, whose Czech heritage played heavily in the final cocktail menu offerings.

Project Details:

Public House Collective


Kolo Klub


July 2012


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