The Way We Ate

When acclaimed photographer Paul Wagtouicz approached Kenneth McCoy about contributing a recipe to the cookbook he and co-author and noted food/lifestyle photographer Noah Fecks were working on, it was an easy and enthusiastic “yes” immediately.

The concept for the cookbook was to look at 100 years of eating and drinking in America through the creative lens of the industry’s elite. Each chef, media personality, bartender, etc. was given a year between 1900 – 2000 and asked to create a dish (or in Kenneth’s case a cocktail) loosely themed to an important moment that occurred in that time period.

Kenneth’s year was 1943, the year that made Rosie the Riveter a household name that would live on for years to come. His inspiration was drawn from the imagery of Rosie putting her tools away at the sound of the closing shift bell and sidling up to the bar for a much-needed sip of something boozy and stirred.

In addition to the beautiful photo work Paul has done for both The Rum House & Ward III over the years, he’s also a good friend and considered family. Kenneth and the teams at both bars were immensely proud of him and honored to be a part of the project.

1943 - screenshot

Project Details:

Kenneth McCoy


The Way We Ate


November 2013


Cocktails , Lifestyle , Media