A beautiful amalgam of casual neighborhood watering hole,
swanky cocktail den, and serious whisk(e)y bar.

It’s a taste of the high life and the good old fun of a neighborhood bar.

Ward III in New York City’s TriBeCa juxtaposes a personalized approach to cocktail creation and a passion for fine whisk(e)y with a friendly, approachable atmosphere.

Widely recognized as New York City’s premiere whisk(e)y bar, Ward III has been a downtown mainstay and TriBeCa destination since opening its doors in 2009. While known for its exceptional bespoke and classic cocktails and its nationally acclaimed whisk(e)y collection and programming, it has never lost its neighborhood charm holding true to the ethos that a bar should be a place for all to enjoy and feel welcome. Ward III is classy, comfortable, rollicking at times and cozy at others, full of locals and out of towners alike, and at the forefront of the cocktail game, all without a hint of pretension.



Ward III

111 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 240-9194


“Any place that starts its weeks off with Whiskey Monday—where distillers from across America and around the world pour free tastes—is doing right by us.”


10 Best Whiskey Bars in America

May 2013

“Ward III…[gives] customers a more potent sense of interaction with and ownership of what they’re drinking…Ward III works as well for the earnest, serious drinker as for the Twinkie-toting one, because it’s not really encouraging reckless abandon. It’s trusting that the majority of patrons will show some maturity, wisdom and restraint. It’s betting on a degree of sophistication, wagering that most bespoke wishes will be few, tenable and reasonable.”


Name Your Potion: Bourbon, Cardamom, Twinkies?

Frank Bruni
August 19, 2010

“Only at this year-old candlelit Tribeca saloon can you construct one of the mixological marvels yourself. With guidance from veteran bartender-owners, you choose a desired spice, texture, and spirit from a master list, and the bartenders on hand will mix up a winning combination.”

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Where To Drink 2010

May 16, 2010