What We Do

Operations Management

Public House Collective can provide a full range of operations management for any hospitality venture. From setting up front of house systems and protocols for existing or new staff to follow, to implementing and managing the day-to-day full service front and back of house operations, including HR, budgeting/financial, vendor management, service manuals, menu development, etc., PHC’s involvement can be as limited or encompassing as needed/desired.


Cocktail Development

Drawing on years of experience, the Public House Collective creative team can assist in developing the perfect cocktail program to suit any style of establishment. Whether a swanky hotel rooftop bar, neighborhood gastropub, high end cocktail lounge, or restaurant bar, PHC is adept at crafting a menu that will complement the specific style of service unique to each venue. In addition to cocktail development for operators, Public House Collective can also provide recipes to be used for editorial placements, demonstrations, classes, events, etc.


Bar Design

Knowing the most effective way to set up a bar can mean the difference between a smooth flow of service or disaster. Public House Collective can advise on the best way to organize everything from the set up of the back bar to all components below the surface and behind the scenes to not only maximize space and efficiency, but also ensure compliance with all required regulations. PHC also takes a distinct aesthetic approach to the design of any bar, their own or a client’s, and will offer guidance to whatever extent is required/requested in order to maintain a stylistic integrity in keeping with an establishment’s profile.


Menu Creation

Creating a menu that is appealing and fun while also being profitable is a delicate balance and a challenge most food & beverage ventures face ongoing. Public House Collective can assess the overall proposition of an establishment and approach the development of its menu with a keen eye on the bottom line without sacrificing quality or integrity. The menu as a component of the whole operation requires just as much tuning and maintenance as the physical equipment installed in the bar. PHC can adjust the cost/pricing to provide a balanced offering to maximize profitability based on strategic placement of key items and overall menu engineering/design.